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Babies are the greatest gift that we will ever receive. The world over, we cherish our children. Mothers have performed heroic and self-sacrificing acts of love and displayed incredible physical strength to care and nurture their young ones. Universally, parents want their children to accomplish more in life than they ever accomplished. Maybe that’s why dads love to carry their little one’s on their shoulders?   

We developed the Weplaysmart kit, offering more than 350 step by step in-time activities to help parents sail through the challenging first 18 months. Parents will be guided through easy to follow activities in all the development areas and it will help them to track milestones. Our programme will motivate and empower parents to know how and when they achieve small wins - and boy do they have a fighting spirit that starts with a birth cry. We want to make life easier for you; saving time, money and stress! In the bigger picture it is our dream to make a difference for the next generation: Japan did it with "educational moms" stimulating babies from birth and that's why they still have the highest IQ in the world. Research indicated that brain development and growth increase by 105% the first year, tampering to a mere 15% and four years later to 5% annual growth.

Our passion is to assist you in nurturing your newborn's amazing potential, and make a difference for each baby and obviously for the realisation of a parent's vision of their children. We make it easy (SMART) by providing you with a multi-functional carry bag and a beautiful set of stimulating toys and educational tools. Our versatile carry bag transform into a nappy-changing station, mobile den, bassinet, feeding station, organised carry bag and a tunnel to assist baby with the first big movement: to crawl.

Please read through our product specs and FAQ's, although pretty long, it is a summary of what, why and how brain development increases during this 300-500 day; The best "window of development opportunity". We believe in a balanced development within all the development areas. First learning experiences should be at the right time and always aligned with the readiness levels of the neuron system. This will ensure that each child will LOVE knowledge. We hope you enjoy and notice the enormous growth and achievements of your baby as much as we enjoyed ours.
Thank you for your interest.


THE 0 – 18 MONTH STIMULATION PROGRAMME: Included in the Deluxe, Standard and the DIY set.

The programme features our four easy-to-use “one-pager” baby stimulation program with more than 350 easy-to-use activities divided into four periods. The activities are designed to coincide with the brain development stages ensuring the balanced development.

Four “one pager” sheets (A1 poster size); Each poster has 70 to 90 fun activities for the different months. The clearly illustrated activities cover all major development areas to ensure balanced stimulation. The one-pager gives you a birds-eye view of the development activities for the relevant period.

Hang the posters, as illustrated above, using two “paste tags” provided for each poster. The six posters are printed back-to-back on a durable material to be reusable and are easy to clean. You can use these posters for all your children and give away to a disadvantaged person to help with community development. The set is packed into a cylinder for protection, together with an instruction leaflet on how to use the programme.

Baby bed and Carry bag: 3 in 1

Our easy transition 3 in 1 carry bag, cot and bassinet has five large pockets to easily carry the necessary stimulation material in a very compact manner. 

The bassinet is ideal for a weekend away to be used as a travel cot. Superior quality can be easily wiped cleaned with mild detergent. 

Ziggy zebra hand and teeth rattle

Designed to fit easily into baby’s small hand. Baby can easily squeeze the soft rattle for sound. Use tag to clip onto the mobile or use independently.

The gripping, squeezing and shaking movements will stimulate control over hand muscles and lead to improved eye-hand coordination. Rustling sound in ears and tags will develop tactile skills. Two different textured teethers (feet) provide oral tactile stimulation and relief when baby starts cutting teeth. The 28 cm long soft rattle is baby-safe with embroidered face.

My First picture book

It’s never too early to start reading to baby! Baby’s “My first black-and-red picture book” in high-contrast infant-stimulating colours will provide 16 X A4 pages with clear pictures for baby to “read” and build vocabulary.

16 X page baby picture book

Enjoy having fun, while reading together. Easy to wipe clean. Intended for use only by an adult.

Our baby brain development toys and tools improve visualauditorymobilitysensory,   muscletactile stimulation for babies.

3D Geometrical figures

3 X soft figures

Can be attached to mobile or used separately on own as toys. Develop your baby’s eye-hand coordination and extend attention span. The geometric shapes enhance tactile appreciation of basic mathematical shapes

Cot Bumper for flashcards

Cot bumper with four handy, see-through pockets that can hold flashcards and the cot mirror. It offers endless variation to encourage visual stimulation.

The reversible bumper panel was designed to be fastened onto the side of the bassinet. It can also be placed in a zig-zag position next to baby during tummy time, encouraging baby to turn his/her head sideways.

Mobile Play-den

Mobile play-den in save and clean area with seven cardboard mobile figures in high-contrast colours: 2 x interlocking black and white 3D squares, 1 x interlocking black and white 3D circle. 1 x Interlocking black, white and red 3D square, 1 x interlocking black, white and red 3D circle, 2 x red shiny star, 2 x red shiny circle

7 X High contrast Mobile figures

Develops control over eye-muscles and eye-hand coordination and extends attention span. Our baby brain development toys and tools improve visualauditorymobilitysensorymuscletactile stimulation for babies.

96 Flashcards Set

Durable and easy to clean, safe product with round corners. Packaged into a compact A5-sized box. High quality 300 msg high gloss paper with round edges to ensure safety for your baby.

Includes 32 black outline pictures of objects, 12 dot-faces and baby photo’s (to kick-start new-born’s vision), 26 clear black-and-red pictures as well as 16 pictures in primary colours (to be introduced from six to eight weeks) and 10 dot counting cards. Research shows that babies taught with flashcards develop their senses of sight, memory and hearing, as well as vocabulary much faster. The counting dots will lay the foundation for numerical ability.

Baby safe crib mirror

Developmental mirror features: Large (15*20cm) quality reflective baby-safe mirror. Mirror provides baby with a sense of “self” and helps to develop a better self-image

Can be used inside the cot bumper or as stand-alone at baby’s side for easy viewing. Soft, high-contrast cloth material used as frame. Remove protective film before use.

Our baby brain development toys and tools improve visualauditorymobilitysensorymuscletactile stimulation for babies.

Bamboo hard panda rattle

The 16 cm high-contrast black, white and red colours of panda’s face will appeal to baby’s visual senses. Rustling sound in ears will develop tactile skills. The rattle with black, white and red beads will appeal to baby’s auditory sense, while the shaking movement will stimulate control over hand muscles and lead to improved eye-hand coordination. Baby-safe with embroidered panda face.

Zebra socks

The zebra baby feet-finders will enhance baby’s discovery of his/her feet.

The black, white and red contrasting colours and face will appeal to baby’s visual sense and  help baby to notice his/her feet. The soft-sounding foot rattles will appeal to baby’s auditory sense: baby will delight in the rattle sound with every kick, enhancing movement and muscle development. Baby-safe with embroidered face. Size fits all small feet.

Minnie Moo textured cloth

Large size (30*30 cm), crinkle sound with high contrasting colours will stimulate all senses of your baby.

The ultra-soft fleece and many textured tags are designed for tactile stimulation. The large size of the blanket, with rustling sound inside, will stimulate control over the hand muscles when baby crunches it with the whole hand, thus enhancing the prehensile grip. The high-contrast black and white colours will appeal to baby’s visual sense.

Smartie the teddy

Our unique teddy makes the ideal first, soft companion for your new-born. Smartie bear features: High-contrast colour of easily discernible face will appeal to baby’s visual sense.

The 25 cm long teddy will also start moving his body to attract baby’s attention. Smartie bear includes a 30-second recorder to repeat sounds made or words spoken. The perfect tool to enhance speech and auditory stimulation. Requires three AAA batteries (not included).

Our baby brain development toys and tools improve visualauditorymobilitysensorymuscletactile stimulation for babies.

Zebra wrist rattle

The infant panda wrist-rattle and two feet-finders will enhance baby’s discovery of his/her hands.

The black, white and red contrasting colours and face will appeal to baby’s visual sense. This will help baby to notice his/her hands. The soft-sounding bells will appeal to baby’s auditory sense. Baby will delight in the rattle sound with every move or shake, enhancing eye-hand coordination! Baby-safe with embroidered face.

Our baby brain development toys and tools improve visualauditorymobilitysensorymuscletactile stimulation for babies.

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