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All inclusive: 350 games & 22 educational tools (free RSA shipping)

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The DELUXE brain development kit is overflowing with all 22 infant stimulation educational tools! 

It features the unique WePlaySmart (TM)* 5 x A1 posters “one-pagers” baby stimulation programme with Black, White & Red Sensory, Developmental Tools with more than 350 activities. Enjoy this programme with your baby in the safety of your home: Develop your child’s full potential, through highly interactive games (play as the brain develop) and the family will reap a good night’s sleep.

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Unique and comprehensive baby stimulation kit with 22 tools and toys!

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Baby Stimulation Program: View how to hang the A1 size posters:

1 – 8. Baby bed and Carry bag: 8 educational tools in 1 – view: Large, small muscle and balance development.

9. Black and white checkers board (A1 size): visual development

10. Ziggy zebra hand and teeth rattle: Visual, touch, muscle & auditory development 

11: My First picture book: Vocabulary and visual development

12. 3D Geometrical figures: Touch, visual, auditory and maths development

13. Cot Bumper for flashcards: Safety 

14. 96 Flashcards Set: Vocabulary, language, visual and auditory development

15. Mobile Play-den: Balance, small and large muscle, visual and auditory development

16. 7 X High contrast Mobile figures: Visual and spatial development

17. Baby safe crib mirror: Visual and self-image development

18. Bamboo hard panda rattle: Visual, small muscle and auditory development

19. Zebra socks: Visual and small muscle development

20. Minnie Moo textured cloth: Visual and large muscle development

21. Smartie the teddy: Language, vocabulary and visual development. View Teddy:

22. Zebra wrist rattle: Small muscle, visual and touch development.

Develop your baby in the comfort and safety of your home. Enjoy all the playful games and create a love for knowledge and learning.


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  1. Lize

    Best baby stimulation kit in South Africa!

  2. Louise

    Good quality and great stimulation kit

  3. Esther and Peter

    Thank you for a well developed and easy to use programme for busy parents. Our baby loves the activities and attention.

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