Do you know that tummy time plays an important part in language development?

The best way to increase language development is through improving the immature respiration of the new-born (Doman & Doman 2005:78). A baby’s language development depends very strongly on the development of his respiration. It is a simple fact of life that in order to make sounds the baby must be able to inhale and exhale. Furthermore, he needs to be in control of when he will inhale and exhale. If your baby’s respiration is immature, he or she cannot pull in enough air to make a very loud or sustained sound. What is the best way to promote maturation of your baby’s respiratory system? Mobility! There is no better programme for getting deep, regular breathing than movement of the arms and legs, during tummy time (Porter 2017:71). The more time baby spends on the floor, moving, the faster your baby’s respiration develops, as well as the ability to form sound. According to Dr Melodie de Jager, a South-African development expert, tummy time is also a must to strengthen neck muscles as this is a prerequisite for good hearing (De Jager 2012:38).


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