How much does early development really matter?

At WePlaySmart we adopted the slogan: “Change a nation, One baby at a time!”

If a baby’s brain doubles in size in the first year, then it makes sense to allow parents to use this golden window of opportunity. USE it or LOSE it! Let’s review how one nation became competitive.

Japan, after World War II, was devastated and broke, but very interestingly managed to raise the average IQ of the total population within one generation by seven points. Japan achieved this remarkable fact by encouraging and supporting Japanese mothers to become “Kyakis (educational) mothers”. This was a turning point for Japan’s economy and the beginning of a more competitive production industry. In 2010, Prof Julian Savalescu from Oxford Oshiro Centre for practical ethics stated in a special interview that for every 1,5% increase in population IQ, the GDP will grow 3% per generation. For a country such as South Africa, with a GDP of US$ 385 billion in 2019, this will amount to US$ 5.7 billion.

WePlaySmart offers you all the tools to develop you baby’s full potential and to prevent some milestones or developmental areas from lagging behind. In this way weaknesses will be overcome before they become problem areas (and save you the expense to address them later with remedial help).

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